A fusion of art and science

A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show
the realization of great dreams.

Gilbert H. Grosvenor, Editor of National Geographic (1903- 1954)

ArtMap is a unique memento

In cartography art and science are inseparable. The perfect map blends art and science into an effective tool of visual communication. A traditional map of Iceland includes a great number of information, cities, towns, rivers, farms and even detailed info about small hills and creeks. ArtMaps provide a different vision.

The concept of ArtMap is to explore the unique position of Iceland, regarding its form and location and the emphasis is on the symmetry, shape and landscape of the island. The aim is not to show names of places, roads, parking spaces etc., but to make features and landscape of the Iceland the focus point, artistically and scientifically.

The pictures are based on primary data from The National Land Survey of Iceland, The Agricultural University of Iceland and The Icelandic Forrest Service.

ArtMaps are produced in limited editions and in high quality prints.

Þorvaldur Stefánsson - Arctic Diamonds Photography